Session Descriptions


Bodywork and Sound Healing all Sessions:

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $125

Private Sound Bath:

*In office up to 3 people $100 hour

​*Your location: we will negotiate price based on amount of people in group and travel/set-up time involved.

Private Yoga class:

* In office $80 for 1 hour

​* Your location: price negotiable depends on travel time and amount of students expected.

Private Yoga Class

You (and up-to 1 friend in office) are invited to your own private Yoga class, tailored for your requests/needs/conditions. Available for larger groups at your location. Short Meditation/Sound Bath included. Flow style or Gentle/Restorative…you choose and receive lots of hands-on adjustments and ideas for some asana to practice at home.    

Private Sound Bath

You and up to 2 friends can stretch out on the floor on blankets/mats in the healing space. 
With breathwork to open and set intentions, Mary Frances will play quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments for a tonal 1 hour concert where you are invited to journey in your own meditation, clearing old patterns and opening into new possibilities. Available at your location and event for larger groups.  

Tune-Up Combo Experience

Mary Frances tailors this just for YOU! Taking in mind your requests/intentions and physical situation. She approaches the session with a combination of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Sound/Energy therapies. Essential Oils, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and other tools maybe included and combined to deepen the structural work and soothe the spirit! Treat yourself to this unique harmonizing of body, mind and spirit! 

Prenatal Massage TLC Session

This session is a pampering/ relaxing experience for Mom-to-be. Mary Frances works on overall balancing with deep Swedish and MFR moves, targeting requested areas like hips/low back that my be particularly tight at this time. Client lies side-ways on the table, bolstered with pillows.  Comfort and care are paramount in this session. Oils, Tuning Forks and Sound may be included depending on the needs of Mom. 

Energy and Sound Healing 

   Mary Frances uses hands-on to open up each chakra, then brings in tuning forks on and off body, rings crystal singing bowls and uses essential oils and other vibrational tools to balance body, mind and spirit. She can help you set a specific intention for the session, working through any blockages and clearing old traumas. Finishing with your own private sound bath, an immersion into beautiful tones that both relax and energize. Reset yourself with this extremely rejuvenating treatment!    

Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release

Mary Frances blends deep strokes, trigger-point work and MFR structural moves/stretches to help you open up tight and tense areas in the body, improve circulation and range-of-motion areas in the body, improve circulation and range of motion, move the the lymphatic system and work out knots.  Each session is specifically tailored to your requests/needs. Especially good for recovery from injury, all-over body balancing and great for athletes/dancers/yogis.      She ends with tuning forks and essential oils on specific points to relax you into a short Sound Bath, as you send out your positive intention for better health and well being.